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Serta Perfect Sleeper Birchview Firm - Mattress + Box Spring, One Size , Blue


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Serta Perfect Sleeper Birchview Firm - Mattress + Box Spring, One Size , Blue

Perfect Sleeper Birchview Firm825 Edition Custom Support System: Individually-wrapped coils drastically reduces partner motion and provides individualized, full body support.Hypertouch Comfort System: A combination of specialized foam, engineered fibers and stretch fabric. This new system comfortably cradles your body from head to toe for better pressure point relief." Serta support foam for firm comfort." Cool Twist Gel Foam: Cooling gel is swirled directly into a breathable foam designed to promote airflow and heat dissipation.Best Edge Foam Encasement: Creates even support to the edge of the mattress.PERFECT SLEEPER FOUNDATION offers support, durability and reduced motion. When used with a proper supportive bed frame, the perfect sleeper foundation helps prevent sagging and bowing for the life of the mattress. Don't forget to check your delivery type and print off your Delivery Checklist & Delivery Guide Serta Features: Mattress Top Type: Tight TopMattress Type: InnerspringIncluded: 1 Mattress(es), 1 Box Spring(s)Coil Count: 513 CoilsManufacturer Warranty: 10 Year LimitedMattress Contents: Wrapped CoilsBed Size: Twin XlBase Material: 70% Polyurethane, 30% PolyesterComfort Type: FirmMattress + Box Spring Measurements: 18 Depth/Inches, 80 Length/Inches, 38 Width/InchesCare: Spot CleanCertifications And Listings: Cpsc - 16 Cfr 1632 CompliantCountry of Origin: Made in US

Reviews & Ratings

Hard to think your bed could get any better!
This is one of the coolest things I have ever owned. Set up is relatively simple (45min) for how much tech is in this thing. It does have two motors, massage features, and remote control after all. My apartment is very small, this basically replaces the need for a couch or chair or anything. Definitely worth it, cant imagine someone not being pleased with it.
By Charles on 2018-09-24

Adjustable bed
I love it.So easy to use.To me the massages is the best.I have recommended it to several people.
By paula on 2020-07-26

Great Product at a great price.
I shopped around and found the best price here. The quality is great. We bought 2 TwinXL units to make a Split King. It gives each of us the option to position our bed in that perfect spot that's never the exact same for two people. I'm a back sleeper and my wife is a side sleeper. The units are strong and well built. Setup was easy.
By Mr. Bob on 2016-12-01

Excellent Bases at an Excellent Price!
I am very happy with these adjustable base beds! I did a lot of research before deciding on this brand and model and I know I made the right decision on the bases and going through Hayneedle! Shipping was fast, even to my remote, rural area! The bases were easy to assemble and set up was quick. I love the preset options of TV, anti-snore and zero gravity, as well as the three customization settings. The massage features aren't very useful but that wasn't a feature I was looking for anyway. The USB port is a great feature that I use every night. Unfortunately, with the split king, the port is on the inside of one of the bases. Not a deal breaker at all but something they may want to change on their design. I highly recommend this adjustable bed base for quality, features and price!
By Sisugal on 2018-09-27

Worth the price!
This item was shipped very quickly and so far (2 weeks) works very well. It is a heavy item, but easy to set up with two people. It took my husband and I about 20 minutes after unpacking to get fully set up and ready for our new Classic Brands Ultimate Cool Gel 14" mattress. All of the features work - adjustments, massage, remote control & USB ports. Sturdy and well built. Works quietly, except the massage on "high" has a noticeable hum to it. Some reviews I read mentioned that the massage feature was barely noticeable, but I can feel it on all three speeds - low, medium, & high. It might depend on what mattress you have as to how well you can feel the massage. Would highly recommend because of the affordability of the item and it enhances the new mattress we purchased along with it! It makes sitting in bed a lot more comfortable than a huge stack of pillows and helps some with snoring if the head is inclined some.
By Dana on 2017-11-13

Adjustable Bed is so Comfortable!
We are so pleased with our adjustable bed base with wireless remote control, which means you can adjust the base to any position you choose, whether it is to read, watch tv, or enjoy the automatic setting to help those who have Apnea, by using the sleep function. It has USB ports to charge our cell phones, Kindles, etc. We really do enjoy this bed!
By Lee on 2018-11-10

Don't let the low price fool you. Great buy.
I would give it five stars, but the motors are a bit loud. Not plug your ears loud, but not hush quiet either. I got the full size base. Assembly is only putting the legs on. It is HEAVY, so you'll be wrestling a bit. But that also means it's not cheaply made either. I don't use the USB ports, that seems a marketing gimmick. I have a split king base that cost 4 times as much, and honestly, I cannot tell a difference. The price is right, just buy it.
By David on 2020-04-21

Great value
Initial experience (only had one week) is good. Delivered on time. Packaging alittle worse for wear ever internal motor boxes had holes and tears. Easy to assemble but directions could be more detailed. Unit works as expected. It's quiet although massage is louder. Wish it was 2 inches taller Remote can not be read at night - no back light. But this is a Great price found it because it was mentioned on tuft and needle sight.
By Julie on 2016-12-30

Very disapointed in service

I bought one like a year ago 1 st it did t have the remote but they sent me one in a week but now the control box quit ( under waranty but ive been waiting for over 5 months and still havent got it
By Beaner on 2020-06-28

Never from this website again

They send me two left side beds and the USB port is on the inside contacted them twice and never heard back . Big mistake [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
By Maila on 2017-07-26

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Better than the one I tried in my local store

 I had never considered an adjustable bed before until I played with one while looking for a mattress at a furniture store but they wanted over a grand for it. So I decided to do some comparison shopping and found myself looking at this one and I am loving it. I have back and stomach issues and being able to elevate myself has made sleeping with them so much easier. before I would have to build a wall of pillows behind me and prop up in a corner to try and get comfortable. Now I just have to press a button. I can also see the elevation making it way easier to get out of bed for people that need a little extra help. Having both head and foot raised makes for an extremely comfortable way to sit in bed and watch tv or play on my laptop. I was a little worried with the motors about my cats getting under the bed but they just run away. With the slow speed of the motor plus how it's positioned I don't have any worries about that anymore since I don't see how they could get trapped and not have plenty of time to get out of the way. The controller is wireless and has a couple presets built in. For the most part they are adequate for how I would want to sit but it would be nice to have the ability to adjust them or set my own. it has a backlit lcd screen that is easy to read however the buttons are not back lit. This hasn't really been a problem for me since by the second night I could literally find the head up and down buttons in my sleep. It's powered by 3 AAA batteries that come with it. The buttons are clicky and easy to press down and clearly say what they do. The only one I had to look up was the vibration intensity button, but I guess it's hard to make "Vibration Intensity" fit on a button and still be readable. Speaking of which the vibration works fairly well. There are separate motors for the head and the feet and I found that I needed both on to get a massage effect. With only one it just kinda feels like you are buzzing but with both you get a pulse that runs up and down your body and feels rather nice. I also found that you really need to be dead center for this to work properly. The USB port on the side is a nice touch. It's not a quick charger but is easily be able to charge your phone while you sleep. The green light is constantly lit while it has power. It's a good feature for letting you know that it's plugged in and working correctly but I like my room as dark as I can get it so I wound up putting a piece of tape over it. Assembly was really easy it took me a little less than 30 min by myself to go from a box on the floor to raising the head for the first time. I wasn't rushing and took my time so you could easily do it faster, especially if you had someone to help you. The only problem I ran into was that the provided allen wrench was a little bit too large to go all the way into the holes of the screws. Using it I was still able to get everything tight enough but I had to be careful with it not to strip the screws. I contacted the company about it and the next day I got a reply that they had contacted the factory to have the problem fixed. So far I am incredibly happy with this motorized base in the video I have a queen sized base and a full sized mattress. I ordered my new mattress more than a week ago and am still waiting on it. Meanwhile this shipped out from california and arrived two days ago. I was provided with this base for free in return for a review. I've used it for two nights now and love it, If anything changes I will update the review.
By Will on 2016-07-29

Functional, Reliable, and Diverse
About a year ago my husband and I got a similar bed base for our bed. Our son at the time was really excited and enjoyed the various functions more than we did. When we came across this mattress base in a full size, which is the size of our son's bed, we had to get it. The base came in a large box delivered by a contracted shipper, not the typical brown or purple delivery crews. My husband was home and we left the box on the front porch. It was quite heavy. The base came in two halves, a metal bracket that the halves attach by, two motors that attach underneath, and 6 two size height legs. A second set of hands is definitely a plus when it comes to assembly. The instructions were pretty straight forward. We did have to look a little closer at the pictures when attaching the two motors to make sure they were installed correctly. We assembled it on it's side, and then tilted it over and onto its legs once finished. Our son has enjoyed this base for about a month and a half. He'll get up in the mornings on the weekend, raise the head of the bed and watch some tv. In the afternoons, he'll go to his room, raise the head of the bed and sometimes the foot as well and work on homework. We've had no issues with the bed. It functions without any problems. If you're considering a similar bed base, we recommend you give this one a try.
By P's Mommy on 2018-09-23

great adjustable frame
This has been the year of adjustable beds for me and my family. I've gotten three Twin XL frames for my family members. out of all three this is the one I recommend most: #1 cost a lot less for comparable quality (by far less expensive than the one I bought at the brick and mortar) #2 adjustable legs -- not all beds have adjustable legs. this is essential if this is for an elder or someone with limited mobility!!! If coming home from the hospital ask the discharged planner for a home health physical safety eval. the physical therapist can come in and suggest what would be the proper height. #3 for the 'wired' sleeper the USB charger is a great feature to keep things at hand without having to find yet another plug in to charge a phone or other USB device. # 4 assembles with ease...
By M. Wolf on 2018-09-23

Works well, great value
This adjustable base is exactly as advertised and much cheaper than comparable offerings. I've been using it for a week with no complaints. Massage and adjustment features work as they should. The first shipment came damaged to the house. Crew removed and the item was replaced within 3 business days. It fit within my existing headboard/footboard/side rails (see photos) but you should verify if you're concerned. Two points for potential buyers: 1. This package is heavy and requires at least two people to move / set in place. Assembly was easy and took about 30 minutes (assembly photos below). 2. The bed reverts to the flat position in loss of power events. This was a surprising wake-up at 3AM when our power went out. Overall good bed and great value relative to competitors.
By Amazon Customer on 2018-09-23

Dont Dare let your support window close

The head portion would not hold its position. Keep in mind we just put this thing together when time allowed. It kept sliding back down. So we elevated it as high as the motor would go hoping it would hold. Oh it held alright. So much so I had to dismantle it just to go to sleep because the remote would not return it to its original position. I weigh 195 and my spouse weighs 126 so if it cannot hold that weight what is the point in having this. I will change my rating if I can be contacted and told how to rectify this situation that renders my bed useless. I cant tell you how infuriated we are that we cant even get technical support now or a motor replacement as that seems to be the issue if I were a guessing man.
By Marion W. on 2018-09-23

Mom's pleased as peaches.
We were very close to getting an adjustable frame locally. We saved several hundred dollars buying this unit. Local unit would have had fewer features. We placed a new independently wrapped coil inner spring mattress on top. (plush, 12" tall). Mom is very petite (110#). With her on the mattress, elevating the bed head and foot, the mattress is off of the frame about 3" in the middle. It causes no problems. Just saying a foam mattress would probably contour more precisely, and expressing that an independently wrapped coil inner spring mattress works just fine. Absolutely verify with your mattress manufacturer that it's OK for use on an adjustable bed. The manufacturer should insulate the outside perimeter of their delivery box with 1" styrofoam. Our heavy duty box was ripped through in several places, but we lucked out and their was no damage. P.S. Mom never thought she would like an adjustable bed as much as she love's this thing.
By Gary in Colo Spgs on 2018-09-22

Can't get it to respond to the remote

Bought this bed for my mother and couldn't get it to stop vibrating without unplugging it. So I we left it unplugged. After moving my mother to a nursing home, I brought the bed home. As soon as I plugged it in, it started vibrating. The bed rarely responds to pressing buttons on the remote. Got the foot to raise once and now it won't go back down. There is something serious wrong with the remote or the control unit. I hope I get a response from the manufacturer. If so, I will post a follow up.
By Joe K on 2018-09-21

Awesome movement and my cats love it as do I. Really relaxs my legs after a hard day of standing.
By Frederick Becht on 2018-09-20

Save a few hundred dollars by buying this bed!
Love it! First thing, The bed was delivered on time and was placed exactly where I wanted it. It was easy to set up and had simple instructions. I love all the adjustments and massage really help with my back pain.
By paulbrown on 2018-09-20

I Highly Recommend
If you're looking for an adjustable frame I would highly recommend this one. This frame will do everything and more that other $600+ frames claim to accomplish. Easy to assemble. Great look and quality. Basically all plug and play with simple steps and instructions. The trickiest part is pairing the remote to the control box but thats just because the remote has to basically be touching the signal pairing icon located on the control box and left there until it beeps in sequence with the remote. Nothing hard, just has to be done properly and the remlte holds its connection just fine. I had accidently installed a motor upside down causing the wiring to get pinched but after a quick email to customer service I received a new one in less than 5 days by a gentleman named Jim. Motors are quiet and very responsive. The motors have a reminder tag located underneath to remind installers to leave a certain side facing down so that no wires are pinched under operation. Ill admit I failed to observe this and pinched my wiring but customer service helped out appropriately. Ive read comments saying that the frame is really heavy and Ill agree that it is very solid and strong but I view that actually as more of a bonus because its shows the quality behind the product. Hope this helps yall out in your search of an afforadble adjustable frame.
By Amazon Customer on 2018-09-19

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