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Scrap metal collecting month   [ ] [Hardcover]


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Scrap metal collecting month [ ] [Hardcover]

Size: A1 1 Sheet (cca. 55 x 84 cm). Socialist realist poster for propagating scrap metal collecting The inscription says Scrap metal collecting month May 5th June 1st Hand over the waste you have collected to M Eacute H Byproduct and waste collecting company for cash in return The composition carries the characteristics of the obligatory socialist realist style that was apparent on all posters between 1949 and 1956 These works followed the standards defined by the Soviet Union In these years the socialist authorities regarded art as great propaganda means therefore all artworks including fine art literature movies etc were made with the goal of spreading the Communist ideology The idea was to convey the message in as simple way as possible so everyone could understand it These artworks always depict strong optimistic working men smiling peasants happy children usually in factories on the fields or in nature The intention with these was to express the growing economy achieved by the socialist leadership Besides the socialist realist posters were often aiming on motivating people to perform better in work to hand in the goods to the cooperatives to pay attention to safety in order to avoid accidents in work and on the streets etc all for the sake of behaving the way a proper socialist comrade should Thus it is not surprising that the propaganda was often aiming at yound people so their attitude could be influnced in as early age as possible This propaganda poster is one example for those addressing youngsters It shows happy children who were very successful in collecting a lot of waste and are rushing to M Eacute H The clothing of the oy in the back the red necktie the black hat and the black shorts suggest that these kids are the members of the Union of Working Youth DISZ a Hungarian mass youth organization the pioneer of KISZ Hungarian Youth Communist League