Best Short Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

If you are thinking about cutting your long hair short or you just want to restyle your short haircut, it is always nice to choose the right hairstyle that will good with your face shape. Whether your face shape is long, round, square, heart-shaped, or oval, there will be hairstyles that would look fantastic on you.

The excellent news is that almost every fad would look good with every face shape; you just need to find the perfect cut. For instance, if you have a round face, you must think twice before getting a pixie cut. But getting short bangs and style it in a side-sweep would elongate your face.

Is There a Hairstyle That Suits All Face Shapes?

Sadly, there is no hairstyle that looks good on every face shape. Most hairstyles like bangs, layers, and short cuts can be adapted to flatter different faces. You have to do some cutting technique and styling to make it work on every face shape. But if you have a particular hairstyle that you want, you can always consult your trusted hairdresser to alter the hairstyle.

The Pixie - Every Face Shape

Pixie cuts have been so popular for a very long time. While pixies are shorter on top, the fad these days have been shifting to longer layers. This means that you can have more freedom to style your hair.

Getting short hair does not mean that you must stick with a monochromatic style. We suggest you keep the hair a little longer on top, and you can just sweep it to the side.

Soft Pixie - Every Face Shape

Adding side-swept long bangs to a pixie would create an entirely new look. A soft pixie looks good on every face shape, especially if you have a long face.

This particular haircut looks great on every woman at every age. It is very casual yet so professional at the same time.

Whether you have wavy, straight, or thick hair, it would still look good for this haircut.

A Beautiful Short Cut - Long, Round, and Square Faces

This playful and sexy look works fine with a square-shaped face. It would also look nice with a round or long face as well.

If you have a heart-shaped face, then you might want to refrain from getting this cut.

Shorter Shag - Oval and Long Faces

If you have a long or oval face shape, then a good shorter shag haircut looks best on you. Long layers balance the volume of the hair on top.

This hairstyle can look fabulous during night and day.

Sophisticated Bob - Oval and Long Faces

If you have an oval or a long face, you might want to consider getting a sophisticated bob cut. The angles of this haircut can outline a strong jaw.

If you have a high forehead, long bangs could help it mask it. You can also ask your hairstylist to cut near your cheeks and eyes to add oomph.

Bob for a Strong Jaw - Square Face

Show off your beautiful, strong jaw with a bob that just hits below the jawline. Bob cut works pretty well with the bone structure, not against it. Ask your hairstylist to shorten the back and make the front a little longer.

Long Bob - Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face looks good with a long bob cut. Waves below the chin soften it. This hairstyle is also very slimming.

Side-swept Bangs - Round Face

Side-swept bangs balance the pudginess of a round face. Always remember to avoid a lot of volume on the sides of your face so it would look good with straight hair.

Curls and Waves - Long Face

Another style you might want to add if you have a long face is waves. Whether it is long or short, wavy hair adds width to your face, and it will look a little shorter than it actually is. A classic angled bob cut is a great hairstyle to add some waves.

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